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Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

L60 Series ( Cab ) Tool Box.

We've been asked many times to design a tool box for the Kubota L60 series tractor. Well we did this one for the L6060 and we think it's a nice kit. It will fit others in the L60 Cab series line of  tractors. a It's designed for the tractors that don't have a backhoe.

However if you remove your backhoe because it's not used often then you can still have a tool box, it can easily install / Uninstall at ease ( Just a couple of bolts to remove ) There was just no extra space back there for a tool box with a backhoe attachment.

This tool box comes in a kit with everything you need to install on your tractor. An instructional video will be provided to help with the installation. It shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes to do it and there's no holes to drill.

Now you have some extra space to put your tractor stuff .

Kit includes tool box / Custom mounting kit. Everything you need to install right out of the box.

Price: $255.00 USD Plus shipping.


For ordering information please contact Kathy at [email protected]

Tel # 709-786-3348

Canadians email for detailed quote :)

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paul Short. Kathy Short. Kubota tractor mods. Tractor mod accesory accessories.