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Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

B2301 - B2601 Saw Saddle

Special Order, get yours today while supplies last.  Kubota B2301 / B2601 with adapter (included)

Our long awaited Chainsaw mount that we designed and built several years ago with a few upgrades. This Saw Saddle has a secure mount for your chainsaw and also an integrated axe mount as well. There's no other like it.

If you want one contact Kathy for more info. Email: [email protected]

Price: $540.00 USD ( Email for shipping quote )

NOTE: This item will fit the B2301 /  B2601 TLB tractor only because the Saw Saddle

has to bolt to the backhoe sub frame with included adapter.

Canadians email for detailed quote :)

Kubota Tractor saw holder
Kubota Tractor saw saddle mod
Kubota Tractor B2601
Kubota B2601
Kubota B2601

         Pictures submitted by Keith. E