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Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

BX Backhoe Steps

Ez Steps for BX Backhoe

These unique Steps are designed for the Kubota BX tractors with a backhoe. It makes getting off and on the back hoes platform safer and easier. Comes with two EZ Steps, 4 clamps and added grip tape. Installation is 15 minutes or less and requires one screw driver or a 5/16" socket. A instructional video will be emailed to you when purchase is made.

Price: $315.00 . USD Shipping included to US.

NOTE: Sold in a set of two only

To Order email / Tel.    [email protected]

          Tel # 709-786-3348

Canadians email for detailed quote :)

Kubota Step. BC25d BX23S L6060 L5740
Paul & Kathy Short. Kubota step. BX23s B2601 L6060