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Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

Operator Assist Grab Bar

We all know that getting on and off a tall tractor can be a bit of a task. Some do it by grabbing onto the steering wheel and pulling themselves on but they don't realize the strain and stress they are applying to the steering shaft and its bushings.

We have developed our Operator Assist Handle to prevent all those issues while greatly easing the operator to mount and dismount from their tractor.

Easy 10 minute install using existing bolts.

Get yours today. You and your tractor will love you for it.

Also fits L2501, L3301, L3901, L3302, L3902 with LA525 / LA526

Price: $240.00  USD plus shipping

To Order email / Tel. [email protected]

Tel # 709-786-3348

( Canadians email for detailed quote )