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Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

                   BH 77 Grate Steps.

Introducing our "Grate Step". This step was developed for the Kubota  (BH77) to make mounting and dismounting easier and safer for the operator. This step is built to last and features a self cleaning grate and looks great on your BH77. Comes with all clamps, grip tape and a set of two steps which are a left and a right side step. It will also include an install video which should take no loner than 10 minutes a side using an 18mm wrench or adjustable wrench and a flat top screwdriver or a 1/4 drive 5/16th socket. Very easy install


Price: $245.00 (SET of Two) USD including shipping & Handling to North America.

Email Kathy for more information @ [email protected]

Canadians email for detailed quote :)

Kubota BH77 Kubota LX2610 3310

Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

Kubota LX2610 BH77. Soecialty repairs custom mods
LX2610 BH77 Specialty repairs custom mods

        Photos courtesy of Tim. A, Connecticut