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Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

54" / 60" Spill Guard.


( Available by Special Order, Price subject to change)

Kubota B series Universal Skid Steer Bucket Spill Guard.  54" QA Bucket / 60" QA Bucket

Here's the spill guard everyone who owns a B series tractor has been waiting for. Newly designed by us this bolt on spill guard will come with all hardware to install. You just need a drill and a 3/8th drill bit, 15 minutes and your done. It weighs 19 lbs so you know it's going to with stand constant use and give years of great service. It adds a little extra capacity to your bucket and helps protect your hood from falling debris.

$340.00 USD plus shipping

Email: [email protected]

Canadians email for detailed quote :)

Kubota Bucket. Spill Guard. Specialty Repairs Custom Mods
Kubota Bucket. Specialty Repairs Custom Mods
Kubota Tractor Bucket.